Eleuthera is a 100-mile narrow strip of land, with miles of beaches and astonishing clear turquoise and blue waters making it an ideal place to recharge your batteries. Encased by the serene Caribbean Sea and the revitalizing Atlantic Ocean, this island provides for numerous tropical activities, awesome vacation homes and the incredible shoreline views.  With just one highway, Queens Highway, the island is easy to navigate and is only a few miles wide on average so it is a breeze to discover a nearby beach that satisfies your desires. From coast to coast the alluring presence of the ocean, a landscape that is rich in color, and the wistfulness of history and culture, Eleuthera conveys that feeling of Old World charm. Here is our list of the top 5 Eleuthera beaches.

1) Harbour Island


Much of the architecture on “Briland”, as the locals know it, was influenced by British Loyalists and is one of the oldest settlements in The Bahamas. The loyalist inspired homes and cottages are nestled along the roads and beaches creating a perfect backdrop for the world-famous 3-mile stretch of pink sand beach. The people are friendly, the waters are warm and clear, and the outlying reefs provide an excellent spot to relax and enjoy safe swimming and snorkeling. No matter where you are on Harbour Island, you are only minutes away from the beach.

2) Lighthouse Point

Lighthouse Point Bahamas

If you like sun, sand and the sea, Lighthouse Point Beach is the textbook destination. Located on the southernmost part of the island, Lighthouse Point is considered by many to be the most beautiful part of Eleuthera. If you are adventurous enough to make the trek, you will be rewarded with natural vegetation, spectacular views, and unspoiled beaches. The natural beauty of Lighthouse Point is truly a place that will literally take your breath away, so relax and soak in the surroundings.

3) French Leave

French Leave Beach Eleuthera

French Leave Beach is a minute from Governor’s Harbour settlement, at the midpoint of the 100-mile long island.   This stunning haven has an abundance of beautiful beach with ample shade and breeze to complement the colonial architecture of the houses in the settlement. Once home to Club Med resort, the focal point of the beach is being transformed into a new boutique development appropriately named French Leave Resort which will comprise beachfront homes and a harbour village.

4) Windermere Island

Windermere Island Beach

This five and a half mile long island is famous for its beaches and celebrity visitors, and is populated with private homes and the legendary Windermere Island Club. This beautiful, unspoiled natural paradise with crystal clear water, powder fine pink sand is a private island separated from the mainland by one of the cutest little bridges found throughout the islands. The opaque waters are perfect for swimming, shelling, snorkeling, diving, boating or fishing. An added bonus is the luxury beach homes nestled on this prestigious beachfront location.

5) Double Bay

Double Bay Eleuthera

This 5-mile long white sandy stretch of scenic beach is located in central Eleuthera on the Atlantic side of the island. Double Bay’s homes are built on the higher elevations lined with coconut trees and overlooking this phenomenal beach. The wonderful calm water and the tranquil beach invite you to take a long walk, comb the beach or immerse yourself in diving or snorkeling.

Honorable Mention

Sky Beach

What do you think of our rankings? If you feel we missed your favourite location please share it with us or share your own list of favourite properties and islands. To list or purchase your property call us at 1-242-328-7777 or e-mail sales@bahamaswaterfront.com